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Seiko Desk Clock - Sweep Second Hand

April 12, 2015

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School's Out For My Little Princess (Finally!), Clearing My Desk, & This Week's Wristwatches.

(teeritz) January 1, 1970

I was happy to read this week that the Palace Cinema chain might be interested in keeping The Astor Theatre running as a cinema after the current operator's lease expires next May. We've been busy packing up various items into boxes in an attempt to de-clutter and get this place ready to put on the market early next year. I can't wait for the day when it all gets unpacked again and I can lay it all out on the floor so that I can get rid of half of it. My wife has told me that I have too much stuff and I've responded that I'll be happy to clear a lot of it out once... I was surprised a couple of years ago when the base of this thing split open and a whole heap of grey dust spilled out of it. Looking through the crack, I saw a solid block of concrete inside this thing. This thing is an eyesore, so when I saw an old-school metal tape dispenser, made from actual STEEL, I jumped at it. It's funny how we used to dread looking at these things back when we were at school because they seemed to tick a whole lot slower... However, I've seen this style of industrial clock selling for ridiculous prices now that they're considered funky-retro-Hipster-chic. This one was sixty bucks and the minute hand is iffy, but my local clock repairer works pretty cheap, so I should be able to get this thing running properly without spending more than what it would cost to fill the tank of my car. There's a little dust in it, but I've already dismantled it and had a look around.


Seiko QHK023SLH Bedside Alarm Clock Review

Carmelinars4 01.14.15

Seiko QHK023SLH Bedside Alarm Clock Review