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SDGEE #021 Build A 6 Digit 2.3" LED Clock

April 16, 2018

In this video, I build a 6 digit red LED clock using some Kingbright SA23-12SRWA displays, a PIC18F26K20 microcontroller and some prototyping board. The schematic and source code can be found...

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LG G Flex 2 Review

With a smaller display than its 6-inch predecessor, the 5.5-inch G Flex 2 fits more comfortably in my hand. The sexy, red G Flex 2 is also When you drag down from the lock screen, a clock widget takes up the top fifth of the display, and you'll see ... April 10, 2015

2015 Frozen Four: Boston University advances to title game with 5-3 win over ...

That effort led to the first difficult save of the game for Terriers' goaltender Matt O'Connor, on a shot by Bryn Chyzyk. But, while the save was made, Eichel was also BU didn't help their cause any when Hickey took a cross-checking penalty 6:43 ... April 10, 2015

Move over, John Wooden? UConn women favored again

Auriemma took Stewart out with about 30 seconds to play and gave her a big hug. The 6-foot-4-inch star is the latest in a long line of outstanding UConn players that Auriemma has coached, including Rebecca Lobo, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, and Maya Moore.... April 9, 2015

What is Cyanogen and Why Should You Care?

CyanogenMod also packs in nifty lock-screen gestures that let you launch the camera by drawing a circle, or turn on the LED flashlight by drawing a V, even when the device is asleep. Security every Tuesday. By mid-2015, you should also be able get ... April 8, 2015

Can the Tories hold on to their early lead?

Last Monday, Nick Clegg's team settled down in their Great George Street HQ to watch the BBC 6 o'clock news coverage of their general election campaign launch. They expected to see their man looking every inch Of the 13 polls published since the ... April 6, 2015

CHS, CV hoops standouts compete in all-star games at Turlock High

Cruz led the American team in the first half with six points while Sangha led the National team with nine first-half points, all off treys. With only 30 seconds to make a layup, a three-point shot and a half-court shot in order to win a 32-inch ... April 8, 2015

Patrick's Legacy: Forging His Legend & Leaving It Behind

Patrick's days started at six in the morning and lasted well into the afternoon with the scorching summer sun above him. For four years, most, . And just in case the hardware and accolades weren't enough, his scouting combine performance alone, in ... April 6, 2015


#60 Five things i’d take to a desert island


Initially I thought deciding on which five items I would bring with me to a desert island would be easy. For starters, I had no information about this island I would be going to. The internet community describes a desert island as an uninhabited island commonly stereotyped as paradise. This led me to question several factors. Does the island have a source of fresh water. Are there animals that I will be sharing the island with, and should I consider them predators or prey. I quickly decided on Items one, two, and three. With a severe lack of intel on the Island that would be holding me captive, selecting items four and five proved difficult. These five items would be my lifeline. Here is what I decided to bring along. Item one: My Ontario Knife Company RTAK II Outdoor knife. Made from hardened quarter inch flat bar steel with a ten inch blade, this is a do everything knife. Item two: Flint and steel. More durable than matches and longer lasting than a lighter, flint and steel is the most efficient fire starter to bring. I also selected flint and steel because unlike matches it will still work if it gets wet. Items one and two satisfied my basic survival needs.

Good Songs XXV


This tape has two bands that I don’t like very much anymore: the Dave Matthews Band and Phish. Add the Grateful Dead from last entry’s mix and you have an unholy trinity of jam bands that love nothing more than to waste their audience’s time. That’s my biggest issue with jam bands as a whole, I don’t like being at a concert and waiting 20 minutes to hear the next song. And this goes double for bands that I do like, I have a Led Zeppelin live CD and there is a 33-minute version of “Dazed and Confused”. Actually my problems aren’t entirely with the bands—I likea bunch of the Dead’s studio stuff*, there are a handful of Phish songs I can tolerate and DMB, ugh—but it’s the fans of these bands who, for the most part, drive me crazy. Dead fans are the most benign of this lot, as they get high, trade tapes and stay smiling in the corner. When I was in college, nothing was worse than the newly minted Dead fan, the guy (and it usually was a guy) who “just found the Dead”. No, I do not want to hear the Dead live in Munich from 1973, Larry—especially if the band is going to jam on a “Box of Rain” for 37 minutes. Do I think it takes talent to jam on a song for more than 10 minutes. But lots of things take talent and there are a lot of things that I don’t have the patience to watch. The Dead have some good music, some nice harmonies and wrap songs up in less than five.

The Battle of Bentonville


On the following morning its march was resumed at 6 o’clock. I was directed to move my brigade out a side road and cover the left flank. My regiments were placed in position and remained until 5 o’clock, when my brigade was relieved by troops from the Third Division and its march was resumed. My command kept moving until 11 o’clock at night, when it encamped. The march was continued at 6 o’clock on the following morning. At noon I crossed Mingo Creek, and halted my brigade for dinner at the crossing of the Smithfield and Goldsborough roads. I was directed to leave a regiment to relieve the One hundred and fiftieth New York Volunteers in covering the Smithfield road. Detailing the One hundred and first Illinois Volunteers for this purpose, I pushed forward with the remainder of my command at 2 p. m. In about an hour my brigade arrived at the scene of the fighting. I was directed to move my command immediately to the front and fill up a gap in the line of Carlin’s division. The former were the Sixty-first and Eighty-second Ohio Veteran and the Thirty-first Wisconsin Volunteers and the latter were the Eighty-second Illinois and One hundred and forty-third New York Volunteers.

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Meet the 10-Inch Tall Six-Meat Burger That Will Unhinge Your Jaw and Break Your Heart

A bold restaurant in Manchester, England is selling a 10-inch tall burger featuring two beef patties ... instead turning toward vodka and rum. This led to the demise and consolidation of brands, and it's a hard-learned lesson which remains in the back ... April 11, 2015

With GOP-led Legislature, gun-loving Nevada could have even looser firearm rules

7-Eleven is having a ‘bring your own cup’ day and if your vessel fits through a ten inch cut-out hole ... El Charro Avita from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. for $8, followed by the High Sierra Swing Dance Club's club night out at seven o'clock. April 9, 2015

2015 Frozen Four: Boston University advances to title game with 5-3 win over North Dakota

We’ve had better starts over here in the last six weeks. So it was exciting to see the way ... North Dakota was behind on the scoreboard but led on the shot clock, 25-21. While North Dakota head coach Dave Hakstol wasn’t thrilled to fall behind by ... April 10, 2015

2014 - 2016 Nissan 370Z Roadster

On the 2014 car, new LED daytime running lights have been added to ... The optional Sport Package includes Nissan Sport Brakes with large diameter 14.0-inch front and 13.8-inch rear rotors (versus 12.6-inch front/rear standard rotors) with 4-piston front ... April 8, 2015

13-inch MacBook Air (early 2015) review: the MacBook Air isn't very different to the 2014 model

Apple has upgraded its 13-inch ... clock frequency though, rather than optimisations to the processor pipeline, for instance, as we’d experience in a ‘tock’ update in Intel’s leapfrogging design cycle. In fact, with the change from 1.4 to 1.6 ... April 3, 2015

Huggins offers solutions to NCAA woes

Almost certainly the shot clock will be lowered from 35 seconds to 30 and the lane ... As you can imagine, the coach whose team set school records for numbers of fouls committed and led the nation in that category would have some problems with the way ... April 8, 2015

New England Patriots – Mock Draft 4.0

In their “On the Clock” simulator ... he set a new world record in the broad jump at 147 inches and at his school’s Pro-Day where he blistered a 4.36 in the 40. Jones has proto-typical size at 6’1, 200, and isn’t just a track star, he has ... April 8, 2015


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inch 6 digits LED free desktop digital clock

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