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Gentlemen don't sail to weather - Ep96 - The Sailing Frenchman

December 2, 2019

With one new crewmember and a bunch of french joining for some Island hopping time, life could not be better on my 26ft boat! Follow the race: Instagram: ...

What is the best tide mate iii maritime clock?

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Experts fear added time could cause computer chaos as clocks will add extra second

On June 30 at 23:59:59 GM, the world's clocks will add an extra second to the day - bringing the total number of seconds for 2015 up to 31,536,001. Scientists say adding this 'leap second' is crucial to compensate for the slowing of the Earth's rotation....

www.dailymail.co.uk June 19, 2015

Ever wondered why the iPhone's clock reads 9:41 in Apple adverts?

In the first print advert, the phone's clock read 9:42 - the time it was shown on stage - but later models, including the iPhone 6, show 9:41 to reflect the conferences becoming a little shorter. Even now, the phone is unveiled approximately 40 minutes ...

www.dailymail.co.uk May 26, 2015

How to decode a cat's body language as it emerges that they're more dependant ...

Doing the rounds on social media is a picture that explains the difference between dogs and cats. A dog is shown looking desperate to please, over the words: 'These people feed me, shelter me and love me . . . They must be gods.' Next to him is a cat ...

www.dailymail.co.uk June 15, 2015

Fertility warning to women over 37 amid false hope by over 40 celebrities

The rapid speeding up of their biological clock means women in their mid-40s have only a 1.3 per cent chance of the treatment working. But at the ages of 38 or 39 the success rate is 23.6 per cent. The point at which fertility starts to fall ...

www.dailymail.co.uk June 16, 2015

Greece Is the Crisis Club's Odd Man Out

Research by a group of scholars led by Daniel Gros at the Centre for European Policy Studies notes that Greek goods exports are dominated by refined petroleum products, and its service exports by maritime shipping. Very little of the value of either is ...

www.wsj.com June 10, 2015

Nasa forced to address radical claims a giant asteroid will soon destroy humanity

A massive asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, and it is large enough to spell the end of humanity. This is the radical claim of an online community of biblical theorists who say that life as we know it will be wiped out between 22 to 28 ...

www.dailymail.co.uk June 8, 2015

The Wreck of the Kulluk

Shell had the Kulluk refurbished at Vigor Marine shipyards in Seattle: new crew quarters, new cranes, new generators and a new blue-and-white paint scheme that was chosen, according to a Vigor news release, “to accommodate the known preferences of ...

www.nytimes.com December 30, 2014


South Korea ferry disaster funeral comes amid growing anger at rescue effort

euronews (in English) 04.19.14

The funeral of a vice-principal, who committed suicide days after the South Korean ferry disaster, has taken place.The service for the teacher, one of 173 to be rescued from the capsized vessel, comes amid growing anger over the speed of the rescue operation.So far 29 bodies have been pulled from the ship, with 273 others still missing. “I’m frustrated by the sluggish rescue operations. They’ve been going down there for four days now but no progress has been made. They didn’t even get into...


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