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Clocks' many duties stand the test of time

Austrian open well wall clock in Steve Overstreet's clock collection. (March 3, 2015) | Mike Hutmacher “We have digital grandfather clocks that use media cards and have digital sounds from music boxes,” such as a recording of the sound of the bells ...

www.kansas.com March 6, 2015

Massive gift keeps nation's last clock school ticking

And clocks. More than 400 from all around the world. Cuckoos. Hundred day clocks. Grandfather clocks. Nautical clocks. Regulator clocks. Wall clocks. Mantel clocks. Alarm clocks. Some worked and others didn't. The collection represented numerous styles ...

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The right flooring for a coastal getaway

The house, which we use on weekends and holidays, came with light beige wall-to-wall carpeting. After lots of guests and two dogs, it's now When you say you've adjusted the pendulum “to the max,” are you certain you have turned the adjustment nut ...

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There's always room to play at work

WHAT IT IS: A clock with a shell and leaf overlay on the arched bonnet, polished brass pendulum, chain-driven Westminster Kieninger chime movement with chime silence option, and in a golden oak finish. GET IT: $1,787.80, Grandfatherclockco.com....

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CES 2015: Why The Big New Trend In Tech Might Be... Not Using It Anymore

figure out how - instead of losing weight - how to gain space in your brain.” And if that idea exists, it's probably here at CES, nestled between a fifty-foot-high wall of speakers, four hundred smartwatches and a hundred thousand blinking ...

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The Attraction for Nautical Folklore in Watch Design

Traditional, often clunky, clocks on ships during the early years of European expeditions used weighted chains to provide the power, and swinging pendulums to provide accuracy. These were both nearly nullified by a rocking ship. The chronometer, on the ...

www.nytimes.com March 27, 2014

These clocks go silent to mark time change

Wall clocks, floor clocks, grandfather clocks, balcony clocks, shelf clocks, clocks made of alabaster, bracket clocks, Gothic clocks, Second Baroque, Biedermeyer style, open-well, categories and sub-categories — Paddock can identify each one ...

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Quartz Clock Pendulum Movement 3/4" Shaft Review

Steviek4m 05.17.15

Quartz Clock Pendulum Movement 3/4" Shaft Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/mupgluu Quartz Clock Pendulum Movement 3/4" Shaft Shaft length 3/4"Size 3 3/8" H x 2 1/8" W x 11/16" DDial Thickness 1/4" to 3/8"Includes PendulumMade in USA


Clockmaking in England and Wales in the Twentieth Century

Crowood.2015.ISBN: 9781847978967,1847978967.320 pages.

Over a decade John Glanville and Bill Wolmuth undertook an important...

Popular Mechanics

1985.168 pages.

Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them...