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The World Time Travel Alarm Clock

October 18, 2018

World Time Travel Alarm Clock :- India - United States - ~ ...

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An Old-Time Grace in Travel Clocks

The train company once sold a travel watch with a fold-away blue leather case, and its descendant now offers a holder on the walls of its train staterooms for the traveler who wants to hang an old family pocket watch, maybe even to tell time. “In the ... March 18, 2015

'The Folded Clock' an engaging portrait of a woman's sense of identity

In "A Book of One's Own," his 1984 study of diaries, Thomas Mallon made the debatable assertion that "no one ever kept a diary just for himself." This is clearly true of Heidi Julavits' "The Folded Clock," which is billed as a diary but is actually a ... April 2, 2015

How to Get to Thursday's Rally and Parade

As the city gears for the insanity that will be a day full of celebrations for the Chicago Blackhawk's 2015 Stanley Cup Championship Thursday, it's time to let your boss know you won't be in for work and get your travel arrangements squared away. The ... June 17, 2015

America's glorious failures

But I am going to have a hard time forgetting a long, cinder-block corridor in a small Wisconsin town that led to a bare, large room where eight girls sat on folding chairs facing a television set. No accident had America was a country founded by ... July 4, 2015

You didn't need SkyMall's pet hammock, you said. Are you sure?

Several industry experts also blamed its obsolescence on an e-commerce-driven world and its impractical products. Case in To reverse the course of inaction, Pikarski plans to transform SkyMall from a comedy club of jokey gifts to a viable retail ... June 4, 2015

15 common expressions younger generations won't understand

Why do we call some shows "reality" TV? Even though these shows do not actually show reality, at the time they first appeared, they were, in comparison, much less scripted and controlled than other shows, so they seemed somehow closer to the world as ... June 14, 2015

9 ways to fall asleep faster

If you need to use your alarm clock or phone to ensure you rise on time, put it under the bed or in a drawer so you aren't tempted to glance at it every five minutes. 9. Vent on paper. If racing thoughts keep you up, consider jotting down what's on ... April 22, 2015

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Three GMT watches for the globe-trotting gentleman

Travel broadens the ... "GMT" stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is the "0" point on the 24-hour scale of international time zones. It was established so that travellers could quickly work out what the time was all over the world - as long as they knew ... August 15, 2015

Shabbat: A Spiritual Staycation is all about Jewish travel ... What makes time away a staycation, and not just a day off, is setting the mood and atmosphere. Suggested tips include unplugging your alarm clock, turning off your phone, not checking emails, and avoiding ... August 14, 2015

Game Day in Athens

The alarm clock sounds at 7 a.m. It doesn’t effect me because I have ... The farms seem to be perfectly manicured and all the small towns you travel thru with the antebellum houses makes it feel like you are straight out of an article from Garden and ... August 13, 2015

Mobile-geddon – The everyday essentials facing death by smartphone

The march of the smartphone means the number will be up for alarm clocks ... every time you pay.” Guide books: “Two years from now most travellers will have thrown out their bulky guide books for good in favour of regularly updated travel apps. August 10, 2015

Getting smarter: 10 ways that super-powerful mobile phones will soon be changing your lives

More than half of us have replaced our alarm clock with a wake-up call from our phone ... Within two years most travellers will have ditched guide books in favour of live travel apps, providing the latest information on attractions. And by 2020, scientists ... August 9, 2015

Are you ready to retire?

Everyone dreams about the time in their life when they no longer have to answer to an alarm clock or a difficult boss ... plus entertainment and travel. In order to know if you have the ability to cover your expenses in retirement, you have to be very ... August 7, 2015

Updated: World Clock App for Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Over the years there have been quite a few world clock apps available for BlackBerry. The latest one I have been using is a free World Clock from AFBB. The app offers up loads of features along with showing you multiple clocks on one screen. March 7, 2012


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