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Physicists demonstrate how time can seem to run BACKWARDS

These breakthrough forms of propulsion are just some of the many technologies the agency has announced it will be working on for the next 20 years as part of their Technology Roadmaps. The agency said it wants to develop a 'deeper understanding of the ... June 9, 2015

Termites and COCKROACHES share a common origin and diverged 170m years ago

Writing in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, Thomas Bourguignon from the National University of Singapore and his colleagues, said: 'Our molecular clock tree indicates that the lineages leading to termites and Cryptocercus roaches diverged ... June 18, 2015

Vacuum-Seal Your Food, a Better Alarm Clock, and a Lot More Deals

Camping & Outdoors. Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler ($25) | Amazon; La Crosse Technology 308A-146 Color LCD Forecast Station ($33) | Amazon; Lava Heat Italia Mini Ember Tabletop Liquid Propane Patio Heater ($200) | Staples ... October 29, 2014

Mouthguard could prove a simpler alternative to invasive cochlear implants

The new device uses an earpiece that communicates, via wireless technology, with a plastic retainer in the mouth. This allows it to bypass the ear, sending signals to the brain via nerves on the tongue. These signals are then interpreted as sound. The ... March 31, 2015

How 'nanny cams' work, and how they can be used

Hidden cameras can masquerade as common objects, such as a stuffed teddy bear, a book, wall or desk clocks, artificial plants, smoke detectors, wall outlets and many others. Some cameras have an infrared mode, complete with infrared lights, allowing ... July 18, 2013

7 Desktop Weather Stations to Follow the Forecast

La Crosse Wireless Forecast Station. Hang this With an easy-to-read display, La Crosse boasts a weather forecasting function with three weather icons and a weather tendency indicator. There's also It uses patent-pending "Precision Forecasting ... May 29, 2012

The price tag to fix Bay City Hall is more than $10 million

Insurance paid for the city to rent three temporary locations at the former Social Security Administration building, 700 Fourth St.; a former bank building at 260 Washington Ave.; and Fire Station 5 at 1205 Smith St. The ornate brass fixtures are ... October 17, 2013

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La Crosse Technology WS-9611U-IT-CBP Weather Station

With its large numbers and forecast icons, this attractive, budget-priced weather station makes it easy to get your weather at a glance. A true enthusiast might miss extras like programmable ice alerts and barometric pressure readings. Features include ... August 2, 2015

Teardown: Wireless weather sensor transmitters

Last time, I disassembled La Crosse Technology's ... company's WS-811561-W temperature station (plus atomic time/date) receiver (which had been my prior teardown victim). In both writeups, I mentioned that I had two other wireless weather sensor ... February 13, 2015

Digital Wireless Weather Station with Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Numerous features including a forecast icon based on barometric pressure indicators and indoor/outdoor temperature controls make this two-piece digital weather station ... with Snooze. Wall Hanging or Free StandingWS-9080U-IT:. Wireless Outdoor Temperature ... December 10, 2013

Wood Finish Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecasting Function

A rich wood grain finish gives this digital atomic wall clock a retro style, but the weather forecasting function ... Made in the La Crosse Asia factory in Shenzhen, ChinaSpecifications:. Wireless outdoor temperature range: -39 degree F to 140 degree ... December 10, 2013

CrunchDeals: Projecting weather clock for $46

... deal on an ambient weather-type clock that can – get this – project the time and weather onto the ceiling! It’s marked down to $46, today only. The La Crosse Technology Wireless Projection Weather Station shows you weather data including ... December 22, 2008

La Crosse Technology WS-7038U Wireless 433MHz Miniature Rain Monitor

This wireless rain monitor ... that has bookmarked in your browser, Weatherbug installed in your taskbar, and never goes anywhere without an umbrella, then the WS-7038U Wireless 433 MHz Miniature Rain Monitor from La Crosse Technology, might ... June 14, 2006


La Crosse Weather Station WS-8157 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecast & Weather

Gloria Acy 06.30.15

La Crosse Weather Station WS-8157 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecast & Weather