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11 things you shouldn't miss at Tate Liverpool

Tennyson’s poem describes the narrator waiting at a garden gate for his lover to appear: Come into the garden, Maud / For the black bat, night ... Mamelles is a large-scale wall relief in which a series of female breasts have been moulded within a ...

www.liverpoolecho.co.uk August 16, 2015

From sit-ins to love-ins, Austin Clarke recalls life in 1960s Toronto

Jews, such as Saul Bellow, encouraged black ... the south wall and the north wall were high-backed, long, upholstered chairs. Each wall was taken up by one chair; and the chair followed the shape of the room, and curved on both walls to face the cash ...

www.thestar.com August 15, 2015

Upcoming Dove Season: A Multi-Sensory Preview

Dove hunting may resume for some with the gritty feel and black smudge on your hands from the clay targets ... the almost imperceptibly soft hum of the clock on the wall – the one you’re trying desperately not to look at every seven minutes.

www.emporiagazette.com August 14, 2015

Could you handle the three-martini lunch?

Rudd, the Queen’s wine and spirits merchant, regularly hosts ‘Martini Monday’ get-togethers, where guests can learn all about food-and-spirit pairings, as well as sinking several of James Bond’s favourite tipple before the clocks strikes 4.

www.telegraph.co.uk August 13, 2015

The Daily 202: Koch brothers to again star as bogeymen in 2016 Democratic ads

Larry Hogan (R) completed five straight days of round-the-clock chemotherapy, his third round ... 15 states with 162 electoral votes face new voting restrictions in 2016. Because of a 2013 Supreme Court decision overturning part of the 50-year-old ...

www.washingtonpost.com August 12, 2015

Ma and Samiran Uncle were in bed: An excerpt from The Firebird

Sitting behind her, he couldn't see her face. For that he was glad ... He lifted his eyes to look at the ancient clock on the wall to the right, above the blue water filter. It was past ten o'clock and still his mother wasn't back. "Putli,” Mummum ...

www.firstpost.com August 11, 2015

My Violin and Death

It was a musty, cold place, like one of those basements that seems to turn every shadow into a black de-mon plastered onto the wall. There was no light except ... your skin and the darkness ca-ressing your face, undoubtedly proved that it was.

www.teenink.com August 11, 2015


Obama Faces Criticism Over Ties to Wall Street, Black Community

Themouthguard 05.18.15

Obama Faces Criticism Over Ties to Wall Street, Black Community