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Casio TQ140 mini beep analogue bedside alarm clock

March 10, 2020

cheap, small and it works well

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Get ready for Apple Watch 2.0

The bigger deal is "complications," Apple's system of serving up bits of info on the watch faces themselves (following in the tradition of the mini-dials and active calendars on analog watches). The current faces show weather, stocks, alarms, and a few ... June 8, 2015

AoIP Technology Review

Four assignable output busses; Penny & Giles 100 mm long throw faders; an optional meter bridge that displays program and switched source levels with dual OLED screens for timers, clock, profanity delay indication or user-defined text. One ... May 20, 2015

Every built-in Apple Watch app, ranked

I use the Stopwatch feature inside the Clock app on my iPhone a few times a year at most, but the Stopwatch app on the Apple Watch has a much flashier design. Force-touch the screen to select Analog, Digital, Graph, and Hybrid mode—Digital more ... May 8, 2015

Smartwatches: The New Smartphones Jr.?

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — If you take a quick look at most of the smartwatches that are shipping or soon to be available, it's pretty easy to come to a simple conclusion. Most of them are trying to be a smaller, more readily accessible version of a ... April 2, 2015

The Electronic Composer in the Modern Age

The sheer number of cool, weird, novel, synthetic, mind-boggling noises he cranks out of his machines, cassettes, analog synthesizers, and further equipment must be five or ten times that of the average DJ, and within the world of electronic music he ... March 22, 2015

Withings Activité Pop: Fitness Tracker Review

On the surface, the Activité Pop looks like a regular analog watch (with an old-school clock face), but the device subtly tracks your activity and sleep. In addition to telling you the time You can set the Pop's alarm to wake you up. At around $150 ... February 7, 2015

Alcatel Onetouch Watch Review - Cheap But Limited

Its round, black, 1.2-inch face is encased in a silver stainless-steel case, with silver markings in the bezel, like on an analog watch. It's arguably even prettier The home screen is the clock face, which features indicators for battery life ... April 15, 2015

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The Creator Of The Original SpinMe Alarm Clock App Develops Android Version After Having 'Spin Alarm Clock' Clone Taken Down

One of the first pieces I submitted to Android Police over a year ago was a hands-on look at an app called the Spin Alarm Clock. I hated it. I couldn't get the thing to work on my admittedly crappy phone at the time, and the entire experience just made me ... August 19, 2014

Best Android Alarm Clock Apps 2013

In this post you’ll find some of the best free and paid Android ... are two clock modes for you to choose from: flip clock and analog clock. Both modes have support for Nightstand Dim Mode, which works just like any regular nightstand alarm clock. July 17, 2013

Modern Home Crane Game Alarm Clock

The perfect gift for the laziest person you know! The Crane Game Alarm Clock ensures you will be awake in no time. Set your wake up time and when the alarm goes off, you will need to insert a coin and play the game to deactivate the alarm. You must catch a ... December 10, 2013

Chronus, Previously Known As The CyanogenMod cLock Widget, Is Now Available In The Play Store

Granted, Chronus isn't exactly a slouch as is. Take a look at the available options. Users can choose either an analog or digital clock, tweak the font, and pick between colorful or monochromatic icons. A calendar panel opens up events with just a tap ... September 26, 2013

The iBell Mini Wake Up Alarm Adds Old School Bells to Your iPhone’s Alarm Clock

I’ve slept through my iPhone 4s’ alarm clock ... analog bells and metal hammer that fires back and forth between them. And since your iPhone’s serial port will be clogged up, they’ve included a USB plug that should plug into the iBell Mini ... May 28, 2013

The Clock Clock turns a wall of analog clocks into digital art

On the surface level the Clock Clock is essentially nothing more than 24 old-skool analog clocks fixed together in a grid three clocks high and eight clocks across. But it's how they all work as one complete unit that makes this clock a sight to behold. November 6, 2012

Digital, analog collide in these tech toys

(Photo: Japan Trend Shop) Past and present — digital and analog ... school alarm clocks with metal bells. Twin bells ring gloriously in the morning, activated by the phone's vibrations. There are two versions: a small powered dock and a mini version ... October 13, 2012


Fonhop 3" Silent Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Nightlight, Metal Shell with Glass Dial Review

Rinagqa 04.30.15

Fonhop 3" Silent Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Nightlight, Metal Shell with Glass Dial Review