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Plutus Brands Artistically Designed Stainless Steel Table ClockVIEW DETAILS

Plutus Brands Artistically Designed Stainless Steel Table Clock

Features: stainless steel table clock dimensions (inches): L 7 x W 5 x H 12, L 7"H no handle with a black dial and a...


100 Cool Ideas! METAL FURNITURE!

July 20, 2018

100 Cool Ideas! METAL FURNITURE! Buy from the Amazons! OMG so many likes and comments!

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Introducing Slim d'Hermès: The Elegant New Backbone Of The Hermès Collection

Philippe Delhotal, creative director of La Montre Hermès, looked a bit apprehensive as he pulled out his new line to show me. He hadn't had much feedback from anyone outside La Montre Hermès yet, and he was probably more than curious to know what ... March 18, 2015

10 of the Best Design Kickstarters Of 2014

Breaking down not just the various types of tea but how those types are turned into, say, chai instead of a cup of earl grey, SweetTooth Design's flow-chart is as informative as it is easy on the eyes. The poster was Their Moment watch utilizes a ... December 12, 2014

Hacked K-cups latest in battle over Keurig coffeemakers

This pack wasn't designed for this brewer.” Not a fun error message at 6 a.m.. But shortly after the brewers went on sale, a site called appeared, featuring a video that shows how to tape a piece of foil from an authorized K-Cup into the ... December 21, 2014

More than thrill rides bloom at Kings Island

It takes about three weeks for plants to root before they're transferred to larger trays and placed on a mist table. "It's sort of a His green thumb and artistic flair have helped contribute to some notable features over the years in the park's ... January 17, 2015

Hermès Veils Time With Dressage L'Heure Masquée

At Baselworld 2014, Hermès introduced a timepiece that perfectly fits with its fun string of playful haute horlogerie timepieces: Dressage L'Heure Masquée (“Time Veiled”). Almost as whimsical as the Arceau Le Temps Suspendu (“Suspended Time”), which ... February 4, 2015

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity: My, How Things Change

There is an old-school Maurice Lacroix fan in my immediate family. My “better” half (in his dreams!) acquired his first Maurice Lacroix – the original Cinq Aiguilles – way back in 1995; it was his first “real” watch. The second one – the now-classic ... February 26, 2015

Hermès Puts Pen To Paper With The Nautilus

Designed by Marc Newson, the prolific Australian industrial designer who has also designed watches for Ikepod and clocks for Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Hermès Nautilus was purportedly conceived in 2009 during a conversation between Newson and Hermès ... November 6, 2014


10 of the Best Design Kickstarters Of 2014 - Paste Magazine

Mark Gonyea’s impressive posters have always taken illustration right up to edge of abstraction. These two were outstanding examples of his work, documenting 26 mythological creatures and cryptids (yes, there is a difference), one for each letter of the alphabet. Gonyea currently has another poster series Kickstarter going, “Name That Game,” which reduced various boardgames to minimalist graphic components. Tea drinkers will often say that the brewing of tea is as much art as it is science. Indeed, one might go so far as to say that the way dried leaves and hot water combine is more akin to magic. SweetTooth Design decided to split the difference with their clever diagram poster, the Alchemy of Tea. Breaking down not just the various types of tea but how those types are turned into, say, chai instead of a cup of earl grey, SweetTooth Design’s flow-chart is as informative as it is easy on the eyes. Yes, according to design duo Jeremy & Gabrielle. They used playful illustrations of the magnificent sandwich to exemplify four artistic styles: Abstract, Cubism,.

Hacked K-cups latest in battle over Keurig coffeemakers - Boston Globe

Backing up: a Burlington company, Keurig , invented the quick-brewing coffee machines that have found a spot on 20 million US countertops. When Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters completed its acquisition of Keurig in 2006, you could buy a share of stock for about $3. Today, that share is worth about $138, adjusted for splits. Keurig has become such an important engine of its parent company’s growth that this year, the company changed its name to Keurig Green Mountain. After the original patents on Keurig’s pod, the K-Cup, expired in September 2012, other companies like Treehouse Foods and Rogers Family Co. started to horn in on that business, putting their own product into Keurig-compatible pods. Giant retailers like Walmart and coffee roasters like Peet’s partnered with these companies to make their own pods for the growing number of Keurig machines. This pack wasn’t designed for this brewer. com appeared, featuring a video that shows how to tape a piece of foil from an authorized K-Cup into the brewer so you can brew any pod you want in a 2. 0 machine. Treehouse Foods, an Illinois company that is suing Keurig over what it alleges are “anticompetitive acts to unlawfully maintain a monopoly over the cups used in single-serve brewers,” in October.

More than thrill rides bloom at Kings Island -

Guests at Kings Island inspect an arbor made with 100 London-plain trees bowed over a pipe framework in this undated photo. In 1971 - a year before Kings Island opened - 35 manicured ginkgo trees were transplanted from Coney Island to a re-creation of the Coney mall at Kings Island. The 23-year-old trees were pruned six times a year to achieve the unique shape. The ginkgo, or maidenhair tree, a native of China, is a survivor of a group of trees that existed in geologic times. This floral thermometer at Kings Island, in a photo from 1975, was 33 feet long and 7 feet wide. It was made of 3,000 alternanthera plants, a colorful, low-growing foliage plant that tolerates clipping, but has to be greenhoused during the winter. Story Highlights A 40-foot by 100-foot glass greenhouse was the first building constructed at Kings Island in 1969. Kings Island grows more than 30,000 annuals, 25,000 shrubs and 2,000 bulb plants inside its four greenhouses each season. Landscaping crews work around-the-clock in late April and early May to plant flowerpots, beds, hanging baskets and topiaries. Artistry a big part of the job for longtime greenhouse supervisor Ivan Booth, who began working at Kings Island in 1973. – What was the first structure erected at Kings Island.

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I spent 2 years cleaning houses. What I saw makes me never want to be rich.

I parked my car where it wouldn't drip oil on their driveway, lugged my tray of supplies inside, and called to clock in, standing by picture ... We talked for a bit while I cleaned her stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen. July 16, 2015

No-scratch stainless steel whisky stone

Yongkang Zhengliwei Kitchenware Co. Ltd's model 900028 whisky stone, which is shaped like an ice cube, has rounded edges that do not scratch whisky glasses. The product is made of stainless steel. Established in 2004, Yongkang Zhengliwei manufactures ... June 24, 2015

Eurostyle Allan Round 32"x32" Dining Table in Stainless and Aluminum

Our designers made a good thing even better with the decidedly Euro Style Bistro Table. The shiny Allan Bistro stainless steel table top is secured atop an aluminum base with a quadruped base. And we've got it in two diameters, and as both table and bar ... June 21, 2015

Bram Vanderbeke creates furniture

"I started wondering how they would look in a domestic space," Vanderbeke told Dezeen. "I thought about ... a squat square structure, again made from steel rods, a concrete plinth and black MDF, which could be used as a table. "It can become an obstacle ... June 6, 2015

Lorenz’s Static Table Clock: Classic, Elegant and Topple-Proof

Its creator—the prolific and storied industrial designer Richard Sapper—fitted the clock’s rounded stainless-steel ... the table’s surface, which gives the clock an almost magical, buoyant appearance. Even 55 years after its debut, the design ... May 28, 2015

Now that's a conversion! Nine-floor flat in clock tower of former church goes on sale for £1million

Spanning nine floors, a luxury flat in the clock tower of a Grade II* listed former church has gone ... The building was an early Gothic Revival church designed by architect Francis Goodwin, who also designed the original Manchester Town Hall, and was ... December 28, 2014

Lee Stanton's English-Inspired Laguna Beach Home

In a ground-floor sitting room, Stanton arranged a vintage French cocktail table, a pair of circa-1840 lounge chairs, and a sofa of his own design in front of a stone mantel from an English country estate; the curtains are made of a Rose Tarlow Melrose ... January 1, 2014


Stainless Steel Birds Design Table Dinner Spoon Gold Tone Review

Jill4ib 02.26.15

Stainless Steel Birds Design Table Dinner Spoon Gold Tone Review Stainless Steel Birds Design Table Dinner Spoon Gold Tone Product Name: Spoon; Material: Stainless SteelSpoon Tip Size: 3.6 x 2.3 x 0.5cm/1.4'' x 0.9'' x 0.2'' (L*W*Depth)Color: Silver Tone, Gold Tone, BlueHandle Width: 0.9cm/0.35''; Total Length: 13.1cm/5.15''Net Weight: 19g; Package Content: 1 x Spoon


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