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Who Wants to Buy the New York Daily News?

The print edition of the paper, which once sold in the millions of copies, these days has a paid weekday circulation of about 400,000, the sort of precipitous decline in the digital age that has affected nearly every newspaper, including the city's ... February 27, 2015

Politics and labour

Over the past few years union-curbing legislation has been introduced in a host of Republican-led states, mainly in the Midwest. Wisconsin, for example, passed a law that ended collective bargaining for public-sector workers. Indiana and Michigan ... November 4, 2014

12 Days Before The Mast: A landlover sets sail and confronts the ocean

In honor of Sports Illustrated's 60th anniversary, is republishing, in full, 60 of the best stories to ever run in the magazine. Today's selection is "12 Days Before The Mast," which appeared in the Sept. 25, 1961 issue. The author was Gil Rogin ... October 3, 2014

Once champions together, Darren Lockyer could now decide if Wayne Bennett ...

Dragons officials, who have been in discussions with Bennett over the past week, know that Lockyer is the final impediment to the Broncos winning the race for the 64-year-old's signature. The Broncos icon is a huge admirer of Bennett but believes ... July 19, 2014

Has the self-driving car at last arrived?

The second Grand Challenge put these two approaches to the test. Nearly two hundred teams signed up for the race, but the top contenders were clear from the start: Carnegie Mellon and Stanford. The C.M.U. team was led by the legendary roboticist ... November 18, 2013

Time is not money

Thus unknowingly primed, the volunteers were ready for the second test. This was mathematical. This led Dr Gino and Dr Mogilner to suspect that self-reflection played a part in controlling unethical behaviour during the test. They therefore ... October 3, 2013

Did MH370 become a flight of the dead? Fumes could have knocked ...

As Australia led the most difficult recovery effort in aviation history, there was no sign late last night that any of the debris photographed by a US satellite — deemed the “best lead” in the mystery which has gripped the world for the past 14 days ... March 21, 2014


Why Revenue Is the ‘Most Important' Indicator As Second Quarter Earnings Season Begins

IBTimesTV 07.09.13

Keith Bliss, senior vice president and director of sales & marketing at Cuttone & Co., Inc., weighs in on the start of second-quarter earnings season as Alcoa Inc (NYSE: AA) tops forecasts. Financials JP Morgan Chase & Co (NASDAQ: JPM) and Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC) are scheduled to report earnings later in the week.