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The Best Cordless Phone

Each remote handset is wirelessly synced with the others and the base station, which plugs in to your main phone line. In our estimation, the best premium cordless phone extension system, based on performance, features and price, is the Panasonic ... December 8, 2014

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

Audio products: wired and wireless speakers and soundbars, receivers, CD players (home and portable), home theater in a box, pocket and portable radios, boomboxes, MP3 players, docking stations, distributed audio products, mini stereos, clock radios ... May 18, 2015

Seven ways to escape a lightning storm

On Tuesday, an 11-year-old boy was struck by lightning in Daytona Beach, Florida, while fishing in the ocean and after an afternoon storm quickly developed. While he was revived, six people have already been killed by lightning so far this year ... June 10, 2015

Want better sleep? These new gadgets could be your solution

There is no sacrifice to style, as this speaker alarm clock combo complements any room. And it has a color-changing mood ring and LCD display right on the front. The DreamScience comes with tracks for sleep sounds and wake-up sounds that have been ... May 12, 2015

Amazon's elusive 'Echo' intelligent home speaker falls short in first major review

“However, it will send a Bing link to your tablet or phone if it can't find what you're asking about. Perhaps in the future Amazon will work out a deal with its Seattle neighbor Microsoft to bring additional Bing capabilities to the device.” Carnoy ... December 2, 2014

Urban Spelunking: Milwaukee Fire Dept.'s Engine Co. 1

Old timers say it was interesting to note the alacrity with which these men pulled off their aprons, left their lasts and took their places on the apparatus when there was an alarm." It wasn't long, however, before this new place also proved inadequate ... February 26, 2015

Bittel Debuts All-in-One Charging Station to Accommodate Up to Seven Devices

UNOMedia 5 combines the mobile functionality that travelers require with a brand-compliant alarm/clock/radio/telephone. The all-in-one UNOMedia 5 device serves as an ideal and stylish in-room amenity offering charging and NFC-enabled Bluetooth for ... December 29, 2014

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HOWTO make an intercom out of obsolete corded phones

Here’s a great, simple Make project that teaches you how to make an intercom from a pair of old, corded phones, a 9V battery and a resistor. I loved walkie-talkies and intercoms when I was a kid — the idea of setting up your own house-wide wireline ... February 4, 2014

Bittel Americas' Uno Media 3 Combines Phone + Audio Player + Alarm Clock Radio

The UNO Media 3 third-generation device from Bittel is a guestroom phone, audio player with embedded iPhone/iPod dock (plus integrated cables for iPads and other MP3 players), and an alarm clock radio ... in cordless and corded models with single- and ... April 16, 2012

Retro wooden alarm clock offers stylish home for your iPhone

We’ve seen this with Bluetooth handsets in the form of old handheld-corded telephones, for example, but a new product turns the iPhone into a retro alarm clock. Designer Jonas ... of U.S. iPhone users grab their phones before getting out of bed and ... May 19, 2011

Old Fashion Look to a Coreless DECT Phone

Do you remember the phones from the 70’s (see the rear left phone in the picture above)? Well, Sagemcom Sixty looks like an old fashion phone, but is packed with today’s technology. The Sagemcom Sixty is a wireless DECT phone, with a built-in ... May 16, 2011

Products to Help the Hearing Impaired from Amplicom

hearing the alarm clock – can be difficult. Amplicom makes products that can help make your daily life a little easier. They have a line of PowerTel phones – with cordless or corded handsets, single or multiple stations – that are hearing aid compatible. January 27, 2011

Why Are Hotels Still Using Antiquated Corded Phones?

Still, it won't stop us from grumbling when we move two feet while on the phone, only to have the entire handset fly off the desk because the cord doesn't stretch that far. What are your thoughts on corded phones? Antiquated but cute or old and pointless? January 14, 2011

Use your Nokia N95 as a Bluetooth GPS receiver and modem for your N800

I was sent a Nokia N800 to evaluate as part of the Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations program and have used it off and on for a couple of months, but after updating the device to the latest OS 2008 and preparing for CES I discovered the real power of the ... January 23, 2008


Panasonic KX-TS108W Corded Phone with Clock, White Review

Faybg5 03.12.15

Panasonic KX-TS108W Corded Phone with Clock, White Review Panasonic KX-TS108W Corded Phone with Clock, White One-Touch dialer with memory buttonsSpeakerphoneWhite corded phone with LCD10-station 1-touch dialing


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