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How to Use The Digital Calendar Day Clock

April 16, 2018

This digital calendar clock by DayClox clearly spells out the full DAY of the week and the MONTH (and date) in large, bold letters - without confusing abbreviations. Many elders suffering from...

What is the best day & date analog wall clocks?

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The wall text, written by Poledna, explains it all. It doesn't burden us with adjectives, context, process, or the subjective. It is breathtakingly economical and directs our attention, Here we might consider questions such as how luxury materials ... March 6, 2015

Hi-Res Audio Hijinx: Why Only Some Albums Truly Rock

For years, he's been railing against the audio quality of the tracks most of us buy these days. “With MP3s, you could only recognize songs, you couldn't hear them,” he told me. MP3s and even CDs have sucked the life out of recorded music, he contends.... March 6, 2015

We Know Why You're Always Late

Chronically late people can be frustrating and baffling to anyone stuck waiting for them. One main explanation for their behavior is deceptively simple, psychologists say: People simply underestimate how long a task will take. That's a little-known ... February 2, 2015

Ashok Gadgil: The Humanitarian Inventor

To date, about 5 million people have benefited from Gadgil's system, which has saved 1,000 or more lives per year. “It's good,” Gadgil says. It sits behind a thick concrete wall intended to protect nearby buildings from stray radiation. When we ... February 27, 2015

RadioShack Begins Wave of Liquidation Sales

This weekend will see the start of a final round of sales at 1,700 RadioShack stores, the first wave slated for liquidation as the consumer-electronics retailer tries to cut down its chain in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Judge Brendan Shannon authorized the ... February 7, 2015

The Way to Make Delivery Drones Work Is Using...Trucks?

Satellite images are often out of date, and not high enough resolution to see obstacles that might pose a hazard to drones. But let's assume there's a backyard where the package could be dropped. Next, the drone takes off. Amp suggests that the drone ... February 24, 2015

Six tips for organizing your Mac's menu bar

Click on the time and choose Open Date & Time Preferences. If you have a crowded menu bar, you can choose to display the time as analog, which displays only a tiny but working clock icon while hiding the date. As tempting as this is for my cluttered ... January 10, 2015


Arduino Rolling Shutters / Roller Blinds Controller

Thomas vB

The best solution would be to generate codes on this frequency in combination with a transmitter for the Arduino. But I was unable to successfully copy the transmitted codes or generate compatible codes. The receivers are self-learning so I also tried to learn them my codes but this didn’t work ether. After that I decided to design a circuit so the Arduino can “push a button” on the remote. With a direct digital output/input from the Arduino you can bypass a real switch, witch in reality equals a “push” on a button. After some measurements and research on the PCB of the remote I connected wires directly to the buttons and brought them out with a pin female header connector so I can easily disconnect the remote when necessary. The “push” circuit is very simple and based on optocouplers I had laying around, the circuits are separated with an optical coupling. On the remote there are in total 12 buttons who need to be “pushed”, so 12 optocouplers and 12 digital outputs are required. On a regular Arduino Pro Mini 3. 3V there are not a lot pins. The Atmel ATmega328P has only 32 pins with 22 I/O pins configurable. In reality these are not all digital outputs, some are analog input only like pin A6 & A7 and cannot be used as output.

RageBridge Version 2 Roundup: ADC Auto-Triggering and Dungeon RPG Logic

the chuxxor

When I last talked about RageBridge, I was attempting to write current and throttle sampling code while on the plane to Shenzhen . I’m proud to say that every line of that session was scrapped because none of it made sense whatsoever. The firmware was going to be sufficiently different that I couldn’t just plop the “production” RageBridge v1 firmware onto the chip, but some basic pin toggling showed me that all the hardware does work. In fact, the version 1 board claimed its first victim by slamming a poor RS-380 motor back and forth at full power 10 times a second…. Delicious version 1 boards arrive from Myro. These are 2oz copper boards – I wanted 4oz, but Myro informed me that their 4oz design rules need 10/12 (trace width / minimum spacing). Maybe I’ll take the effort to try and route it with 12 mil spacing, which would be an immense undertaking and I might as well start from scratch… anyone have any (preferably inexpensive) PCB house recommendations that can do 10/10 in 4oz. The same... These were echoed a bit by SeeedStudio when I showed them the board, but it is resolvable with a few minor design tweaks.

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2015 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.

The analog speedometer and LCD odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge and clock are mounted on the tank ... At 8.5 inches wide, it’s the widest tire Suzuki has put on a motorcycle to date. That’s a comparably huge contact patch, giving you excellent ... April 7, 2015

Swift throws surprise party

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin enjoyed a romantic date in New York's Central Park on ... A source shared: "Her body clock is a total mess from working 18 hours a day in the studio." To refuel herself after a lack of sleep, an insider claims the 27 ... April 6, 2015

Tampa's wrestling history may be marked on new center's wall

A sponsor is still being sought for the other wall. Ross didn’t have the exact dimensions of these future memorials but Simon called them substantial. The armory was built in the 1930s as a home for the Florida National Guard and opened the day after the ... April 5, 2015

Bad Iran deal foretold in ‘blood moon’ celestial signs?

A literal English translation of the Hebrew is: “And God said, and there will be lights in the heaven’s firmament, to separate between day and night ... he began seeing a pattern when crossing the dates of past lunar eclipses against historical ... April 2, 2015


Round 12-inch Non Ticking Ultra Silent Analog Modern Wall Clock

Best Review Collections! 07.25.14

I would highly recommend this product on:USA:


The Day - Official Site December 31, 1969

This week the state Senate unanimously passed a bill that would create a program within the state Department of Veterans Affairs to address the unique needs of female veterans, but without provisions for funding. A skiff floats in the waters of West Cove at the end of Spring St. in Noank with a fog-shrouded Spicers Marina in the background Friday. President Barack Obama will make his second appearance at a U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement ceremony, academy and White House...

Get the Word of the Day - galenical | December 31, 1969

The first manifestations of the avant-garde were cosmopolitan and polyglot. Marinetti writes his manifestos in French and polemicizes with the Russian Cubo-Futurists in Moscow and St. Petersburg… Octavio Paz, Children of the Mire, translated by Rachel Phillips, 1974 Courthouse Joe whose indoctrination goes back to when this country was a nation and not a satrapy in a polyglot empire… Douglas, who can't stomach assassination? Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961...

Orioles Opening Day 2015 Live December 31, 1969

Welcome to our live coverage of Orioles Opening Day. We'll have updates from reporters Eduardo A. Encina, Dan Connolly, Jon Meoli and Peter Schmuck, plus photos, video and more from Camden Yards. So far, the weather is just a soft mist, muggy and foggy. There is still a solid wait until first pitch.

Rutgers Day - Official Site December 31, 1969

Experience New Jersey’s State University Come as a family. Come with a group. Come by yourself. Just come to Rutgers Day! No registration required. Lively activities, interactive demonstrations, vibrant stage performances, and an array of food choices await visitors on every campus. For the first time ever, Alumni Weekend will coincide with Rutgers Day offering alumni the opportunity to connect with old friends and classmates while they are on campus. There’s something for everyone at...

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Alzheimer's Day & Date Clock | Easy to Read Clocks for the Elderly I ...

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... about 87784 Equity by La Crosse 11 Day & Date Metal Analog Wall Clock

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