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Desktop Clock Calendar LED Colors Screen With Humidity - Temperature & Alarm

June 20, 2018

Functions: Clock, Calendar, Humidity - Temperature, Alarm Led colors screen Use 2xAAA batteries.

What is the best desk grey travel alarm clocks?

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Waiting in Kuwait, Between Home and War

But whatever our destination, we passed through the same place, and the next leg of the trip would be aboard a gray military transport plane. With the plane's wheels on I was traveling with two other people—an officer in his late 40s with a Texas ... May 27, 2015

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DC firefighter dies after fighting 2-alarm apartment fire in Shaw

More recently, McRae was sent to Baltimore to help tired firefighters deal with civil unrest following Freddie Gray's death while in police custody. McRae arrived April 28, the day after storefronts and cars were set ablaze, and staffed a station about ... May 6, 2015


Waiting in Kuwait, Between Home and War - The Atlantic

I arrived in Kuwait on a Tuesday, but I did not know at the time what day it was. Somewhere between Texas and the Middle East, with the help of NyQuil, I had lost consciousness as well as awareness of how much time had passed. We were soldiers in a contracted civilian airplane, landing at a way station between the safety of home and the uncertainty of war. But whatever our destination, we passed through the same place, and the next leg of the trip would be aboard a gray military transport plane. With the plane’s wheels on the ground, I fished under my seat for my M9 pistol and hooked it to my belt in its flap holster. On the dusty tarmac, soldiers lined up to unload green duffel bags from the plane’s cargo hold and into a semi-truck for transport to Camp Arifjan, a U. S. Army base outside Kuwait City that has served as a stop for thousands of service members on... Kuwait’s proximity to America’s war zones makes it a convenient staging ground for soldiers on the way to the battlefield, as well as a stopping point for veterans on the way back. But in either direction, it’s a place to sit and wait—a place where, given the vagaries of military transportation and logistics, it can be hard to ascertain an exact departure date.

Zoo Miami's Ron Magill Has Earned His Place in the Spotlight - Miami New Times

Magill, six-foot-six, with brown eyes and a mustache that rivals Tom Selleck's, understood what was happening. The officers lightened up. "Aren't you the zoo guy. Indeed, he is the zoo guy. He even has the vanity license plate on his black Cadillac Escalade — "ZOO GUY" — to prove it. "He's a five-hour energy drink for our show," Le Batard says, "if five-hour energy drinks had terrible mustaches. " Ron Magill has worked at Zoo Miami since it opened in 1980. He became a world-renowned wildlife ambassador long before reality TV, Jeff Corwin, or Steve Irwin. He got his first taste of fame in the '80s while working as an alligator handler on the set of Miami Vice , then became a hero after Hurricane Andrew destroyed cages at the zoo and his animal rescues made national news. He became a household name with stints on television (as a regular on Sábado Gigante ) and radio (as a frequent guest on Dan Le Batard's ESPN show). But after 35 years at the zoo and 27 years on Sábado Gigante , Magill's gig on the Guinness World Records' longest-running show in TV history is winding down. As that chapter of his life comes to a close, Magill sat down with New Times to reflect on his storied and sometimes-absurd career. Sharing tales from his home office, Magill, 55, recalls that day about ten years ago when he was.

DC firefighter dies after fighting 2-alarm apartment fire in Shaw - Washington Post

Kevin McRae, who started as a fire cadet a quarter-century ago, died Wednesday after helping put out a blaze in a ninth floor apartment in Shaw. The 44-year-old husband and father of three was the District’s 100th firefighter to die in the line of duty since 1856. His cousin was the 99th. “He died doing what he loved,” said McRae’s mother, Brenda McRae, as she sat on the steps of her son’s... When McRae’s 37-year-old cousin, James J. McRae III, died of a heart attack while on duty in Tenleytown in 2007, it was Kevin who broke the news to some relatives. On Wednesday, when Kevin McRae died on the job, few words were left to comfort the family. “It’s like it’s happening all over again,” said McRae’s cousin, Erika McRae. Kevin McRae had wanted to be a firefighter since he was 5 years old and joined the department straight out of Ballou High School. He is survived by his wife, Trell Parker-McCrae, two teenage sons and a daughter: Desmond McRae, 19. Davon McRae, 18. and Kevon McRae, 6, Erika McRae said. They stood at solemn attention outside MedStar Washington Hospital Center as McRae’s body was brought out.


NFL Scoreboard Desk & Alarm Clocks Review

Remonaynm 04.29.15

NFL Scoreboard Desk & Alarm Clocks Review NFL Scoreboard Desk & Alarm Clocks Measures 9.5" x 6.5" x 3.5"Offcially licensed by the NFL