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Weekend DIY: Rustic Oversized Wall Clock

April 17, 2018

Thumbs Up!******** ''Do It Yourself'' Customize a Rustic Oversized Wall Clock to suit the style and decor in your home. Step-By-Step details on the blog

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Bits and Pieces

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أفكار حول الشمال : Reflections on the North–Chefchaouen, Ceuta, and Fes


For my last few weekends before beginning my research time, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore the northern regions of Morocco. Our program visited Chefchaouen and the Spanish enclave, Ceuta, and my friends and I spent a weekend in Fes. As I was gearing up to head to Morocco, I was looking through Pinterest (yes, Pinterest. It’s a great resource for tips and tricks, recipes, diy, party planning—I’ll be honest, I love Pinterest) for things related to Morocco—advice for what to pack, what to do, and where to go. One of the first images that came up was of this quaint... A beautiful town with an interesting history, we only had one hour to explore the winding medina. Since the 1930s, the citizens of the Chefchaouen medina have painted the walls blue and white. We spent our hour simply walking the streets and enjoying the calming effect of the light blue surrounding us. And we may have snapped a few pictures. We had just boarded the bus when a crowd of over 100 men walked down the street toward us. At first, we were very confused and very concerned. However, our program assistant, Nawal, explained to us what was really going on. When someone dies, there is a special prayer for them during the afternoon prayer time at the mosque.

A Living Room Tour

(Charlotte Goodayle)

So here it is my humble little abode, I can't believe its been almost a year until Joe and I moved in. There's still lots of things I'd like to do with this room, like get a corner sofa 'hint hint joe'. The majority of my furniture is from Ikea, it's almost starting to look like a Ikea showroom opps. All the little bits and bobs are from various different places like charity shops and cool little shops like Ohh Deer , if your looking for some cute illustrated pieces for your home there definitely worth a look.

Spring Break Room Repainting


So a couple weeks before Spring Break, I knew that I wanted to repaint my room. So I admit, I've made my fair share of room decorating mistakes, but I know that choosing the color ORANGE for my room was one of the biggest interior design mistakes I've made besides buying black bed sheets. So let me give you a little back story as to how I chose this darn bright colored orange as a room color. Originally I wanted to paint my room red because at the time, red was my favorite color. However, according my mother and my uncle, it is considered bad luck to paint a room red. It looked a lot softer / lighter on the paint swatch my uncle brought me. Before I got into the nitty gritty and painted my room, I did a ton of research on Pinterest. You can find me [ HERE ]. ) While on Pinterest, I found the inspiration I need for the design of my room. However, I didn't want to be a carbon copy of the rooms that I saw on Pinterest. To further visualize what my room would look like, I decided to draw out my design So that was my Spring Break. I got rid of the things that I didn't like in my room and now I am totally happy in my new creative space. You don't have to repaint your walls, but try rearranging the furniture in your room.

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3D Large Sliver Modern DIY Home Decor Mirror Wall Clock Sticker

freeshippingShop 03.12.15

Price : $21.59Shop now:

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Modern DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Office ...

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