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Texas goat's paradise: Diapers, pretzels and TV

her bedside alarm clock hasn't sounded in years. About two dozen hungry goats and other farm animals apparently don't want to miss a meal, and leading the charge is a rowdy young kid named Zoe, who wears a diaper and sleeps inside on a low table at ...

www.tylerpaper.com July 10, 2015

Camel City Sunday Short Story – The Yellow Dress

She had been sitting at a table on the verandah working through math equations left for her by her tutor when her father told her the news. Mayta sat beside her peeling potatoes. Anna was . The time between each tick seemed to increase as if the ...

www.camelcitydispatch.com April 26, 2015

Why there won't be a male pill any time soon

At this point, a marketing plan must be devised to ensure the end product doesn't flop. And even then it's a risk. "It's to do with maths," says Dr Allan Pacey, Chair of the British Fertility Society and Senior Lecturer in Andrology at the University ...

www.telegraph.co.uk November 25, 2014

Video: Benghazi security team claims CIA told them to wait

The House Intelligence Committee declared earlier in the investigations into the sacking of the Benghazi consulate two years ago that the alleged “stand down” order to military responders never happened. Three members of the local security team in ...

hotair.com September 5, 2014

Fire breaks out in prison cell and 16 other news snippets you may have missed

Meanwhile, Harrogate was named the “best for shopaholics” and came in at number 21 in the league table. Judges wrote: “You can buy PUBS and clubs are being urged to apply in good time for permission to trade for an extra hour the day the clocks go ...

www.yorkpress.co.uk March 16, 2015

Snapshot: The house where Wally lives

photo of his favourite dog, Tweed, a collie from his boyhood, hanging in his office. In the time I knew him, he owned two black Labs, JayDee and Scallywag; a series of Dobermans, starting with Max, a blue Doberman with impeccable manners; floppy ...

montrealgazette.com November 9, 2014

The RSPCA: Can it destroy and protect animals at the same time?

Rescue centres across the country are overwhelmed with the furry, the feathered, the tailed and the lop eared who bring so much comfort and joy into our lives but find themselves the hapless victims of rogue owners. Unwanted and homeless the clock ...

www.independent.co.uk January 28, 2013

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Local businesses can help you return your dog's unconditional love

"I don't try to make the dogs do anything but be themselves." In addition to these imagination sessions, Sleepy DOG also specializes in puppy sessions "to capture that stage with the floppy ears and oversized ... to miss the treat table at Woof Gang ...

www.fayobserver.com July 18, 2015

Love Your Rescue Pet Day

In current day this cute little vermin chasing hound has a loving home, and clocks in a 40 time certain to rival that of NFL combine prospects. There's also the time she got into that untouched Subway sandwich on the table ... ear cleaner of dogs and ...

www.austinchronicle.com July 17, 2015

Expat Angie's Blog

The signature music of the six-o-clock news was always a reminder that the supper should ... A man was walking along the footpath near the stream whistling to call his dog to heel. A first bright evening star that she thought must be Venus was shining ...

my.telegraph.co.uk July 15, 2015

Chest Full Of Cantlets

The urgent bleating of soldiers dribbles back out as a dank syrup through spaces where there once were ears. Such empty heads bleed the magic ... one came—something lost—something gained—the dog often arrived too late—leaving his narrator with ...

www.brooklynrail.org July 13, 2015

Top Dog Rescuer Kari Whitman Accomplishes Her Mission

Kari Whitman, founder of the dog rescuing ... beagle mix with floppy black ears, “Madeline.” Paquim recently she went to Whitman’s home office, past the mini-hive of workers manning laptops and cell phones at the dining table, out to the rooftop ...

www.smmirror.com July 11, 2015

Farmers cultivate goat's milk items

who wears a diaper and sleeps inside on a low table at the end of her owner’s bed. Spoiled, yes, but for this farmer, it seems there are few things cuter than a silly, floppy-eared goat bleating for its breakfast. “I always wanted a goat,” said Mrs ...

www.tylerpaper.com July 10, 2015

Top dog rescuer accomplishes her mission through her non-profit “Ace of Hearts”

But challenges remain: stopping the nation’s highest kill rate for dogs ... floppy black ears, “Madeline.” Paquim recently she went to Whitman’s home office, past the mini-hive of workers manning laptops and cell phones at the dining table ...

westsidetoday.com July 10, 2015


Miniature lop eared bunny - QQ Summer - Cute floppy ears

Risa Krauss 07.05.15

Miniature lop eared bunny - QQ Summer - Cute floppy ears


Blood and Metal 01

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