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Quassarian Earthquake alert machine

November 10, 2019

Earthquake prediction is not yet possible and sounds so complex in sense of its accessibility to the common people, and when an earth quake comes some ...

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Featured: The Top 40 Samsung S6 / Edge Features

This means setting up shortcuts to contacts and showing a larger clock and application icons. To toggle Easy Mode on or off, visit Settings, then From here, the Allow Exceptions option means you can ensure that certain people still get through to ...

www.androidheadlines.com May 4, 2015

I'm Up Alarm app rings until you scan a barcode in another room

Each device is paired with a specific QR code that can be printed out and stuck somewhere else in the house. The app developers also say they will be able to print the code onto mugs or magnetic buttons so they can be left in the kitchen to scan while ...

www.dailymail.co.uk April 13, 2015

The Apple Watch Can Be A Sixth Sense

Because you are wearing the Apple Watch on your body versus carrying it around, the connection its taptic engine creates between your mind and the information from push notifications is dramatically more direct and intimate: Instead of a vibration in ...

techcrunch.com April 25, 2015

The Electronic Composer in the Modern Age

plinks and plunks all over the place, sudden changes and disruptions in pitch, repetition repetition repetition, an anomalously corny solo-piano piece (“Piano Un10 It Happened”), and an anomalously wry percussive contraption that evokes the winding ...

hyperallergic.com March 22, 2015

Ukraine Violence Escalates as Truce Talks Stall

Now the clock has turned back entirely on Ukraine's battle with Russia-backed separatists, bringing a return of full-scale warfare. Pitched battles for towns, the likes of which east Ukraine hasn't seen The sound of impacts from multiple rocket ...

www.wsj.com February 1, 2015

Italy Steps Up Calls for International Push to End Libya Turmoil

The danger posed by an increasingly powerful Islamic State branch in Libya alarms Italy because it is the country's main European economic partner, with about €11 billion in commercial trade and other economic interests. Until recently, Libya has also ...

www.wsj.com February 18, 2015

Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell reveals which breads are best

'Bread, white or otherwise is a rich source of B group vitamins which are crucial for energy production, and hence bread remains a major contributor to energy and the running of energy systems in the body. 'Less processed varieties of bread also offer ...

www.dailymail.co.uk April 22, 2015


'Dog Alarm Clocks' Compilation - FunnyTV

Funny Dogs 05.27.15

'Dog Alarm Clocks' Compilation - FunnyTV


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If life is meaningless as Sartre suggests, what is the point of being born?...