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The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock

March 14, 2020

The Log Cabin Quilt Cuckoo Clock honors one of our most cherished quilt block designs. In fact, a log cabin quilt is the one and only heirloom that has survived ...

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Car Crush: Why American Writers and Artists Can't Stop Loving the Automobile

It started with a merry, powerful hum, ready to go. 'There, the bastards,' said Julian, and smashed the clock with the bottom of the bottle, to give them an approximate time. It was 10:41. . The noise of their breathing had deafened them to all ...

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Can a Tesla survive a weekend of tailgating?

I keep waiting for Tesla personnel to ask me to sign something in my own blood or put up my firstborn as collateral, but no one does. The rep hands me the key — or rather the fob, . I have three choices: try to force the plug into the car's charge ...

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Crossing 'The Pond' to Europe? For Once, Make it Real

The other was an Atlantic crossing in a tiny, porthole-less cabin on the QE2: All we could afford. Owned by Sign on for an April Atlantic trip, like ours, and you end up in watery valleys that, unlike those in a landscape, are constantly reshaped ...

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Oden: Feeding a hungry fireplace taught a valuable lesson

Wall heaters strategically located in the rambling 102-year-old house kept us toasty when the mercury plummeted to minus-20 below, as it did regularly. The combination of high winds and heavy snowfall sometimes brought down power lines, but the backup ...

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At the Galleries: Door County galleries and museums

Ten-room Greek Revival house built by Alexander Noble in 1875 is the first non-log cabin home and oldest remaining residence in the village. Museum is operated by the art by Door County-based artists. Reception with artists Thomas Franke (clocks ...

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Colin and Justin: A post-and-beam fantasy

From monolithic contemporary beauties to log framed cabins and bijoux dwellings, these guys can master pretty much anything, and have done in Canada — and further afield into North America — for more than 25 years. It was Discovery, in fact, who ...

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Burt Shavitz, Scruffy Face of Burt's Bees, Dies at 80

Burt Shavitz, a rural beekeeper whose homespun marketing for natural personal care products transformed him from an unknown recluse into the familiar scruffy face of a line of balms that healed a million lips, died on Sunday in Bangor, Me. He was 80....

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Colin and Justin: A post-and-beam fantasy

Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure airs on Cottage ... a large four-poster sits against a half wall, cleverly designed to conceal clothes and associated paraphernalia. In the hallway, an antique floor standing clock confirms Bryan’s affection for days ...

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McCollum's Column: All-Star plans wash away on a stormy night

The squares that indicated lightning strikes on UCA’s weather app on its computers looked like a ever-growing Tetris wall. By early evenng ... the mandatory time period resets the 30-minute clock. Clock-watching became one of the pasttimes for reporters ...

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Why river line Avalon has the best cabins in Europe

The most common category of cabin on Avalon Waterways' Panorama class vessels, Panorama Suites don't have balconies but instead feature floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows that can be opened wide. (Photo: Avalon Waterways) ABOARD THE AVALON TAPESTRY II ...

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Log Cabin Republicans apologize if they offended CPAC with all of that equality talk

Less than one week after the head of the Log Cabin Republicans publicly assailed the organizers ... but since it is served with three buttermilk pancakes, the whole meal clocks in at 1,990 calories -- with 42 g of saturated fat, 4,840 mg of sodium and ...

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Deal watch: Avalon Waterways touts Europe offers

(Photo: Avalon Waterways) Avalon Waterways is out with deals for customers who book early for 2015. The Colorado-based river line says vacationers who reserve a cabin for a sailing in France can get a 50% discount on a second cabin for friends or family.

www.usatoday.com November 12, 2014

Still Standing: MT profiles Palmer Park's Log Cabin

Known as Detroit’s only remaining log cabin ... that hung on the wall, drying medicinal herbs, and even a wooden ham on a stick for added impact. Other elements like the family’s 100-year-old piano and a large grandfather clock that sat on the stairway ...

www.metrotimes.com June 25, 2014

Equestrian business wins log cabin permission

A BUSINESS owner who cares for rescued ponies has won her battle for planning permission to site a portable log cabin on land at Silverton ... needs to remain living on site to provide around the clock care for the ponies she takes in.

www.middevongazette.co.uk September 11, 2013


8 Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Dancers Log Cabin and Bears on Seesaw 16 Inches Tall

Zomuany 05.02.15

8 Day Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Dancers Log Cabin and Bears on Seesaw 16 Inches Tall