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How to repair a bent hairspring watch repair tutorials

March 10, 2020

Watch Repair Course Level 1: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video I am showing my method for ...

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Pierre Jaquet-Droz, Marvel Maker: The Man Behind Today's Jaquet-Droz Watch Brand

The year his apprenticeship ended, he received an important honor: Monsieur de Nathalys, governor of Neuchâtel and representative of the King of Prussia, came to La Chaux-de-Fonds to see one of his clocks. Jaquet-Droz was soon making frequent trips to ... May 24, 2015

Time Displays: Dresden's Mathematics and Physics Salon

As its name suggests, it's much more than watches and clocks; it contains scientific measuring and observation instruments of all kinds, most made between 1550 and 1900. now remodeled inside and fitted with computer animations and interactive ... April 4, 2015

Temptation Thursday by Escapement: Hands-On with the Chopard L.U.C. Regulator

Positioned in the southerly portion of the white grand feu enamel dial is a freely disclosed tourbillon carriage, visible via an exquisitely polished tourbillon bridge. I will return to this beautiful timepiece later in the year after I have ... May 14, 2015

Admiral's Cup Legend 42 60th Anniversary

With a tourbillon carriage mounted on enlarged ceramic ball bearings for resilience, the movement has the bridge and base plate machined from brass. With the base plate and bridge terminating at four and eight o'clock on both sides of the movement, the ... May 2, 2015

de Grisogono

According to the literature, Richard Daners had drawn inspiration from the work of his peers, and notably the flying tourbillon created by Alfred Helwig; as well as the first tourbillon with inclined balance-wheel developed for travel clocks and built ... June 18, 2015

Baselworld 2015 The tourbillon in all its forms

Hysek places the tourbillon centre stage. In this relatively rare configuration (there are barely more than five of this type), the Io Jumping Hours Tourbillon displays its flying carriage in the middle of the dial, framed by dragging minutes and ... April 14, 2015

Reinventing the face of the chronograph

This component thus appears at 12 o'clock in an extremely prominent position. It is activated by a single pusher, another tribute to watchmaking traditions. The entire complication thereby occupies the largest surface area of the model and is clearly ... March 19, 2015

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Backes & Strauss Video. WPHH 2014

— Backes & Strauss marks two anniversaries in 2014: the 225th year since its founding and the 200th year of its presence in London. Last January, the Brand unveiled its new collection of watches at the WPHH in Geneva. March 2, 2014

Cartier A behind-the-scenes look at the restoration workshops

— The Cartier Tradition department has the weighty responsibility of restoring all its heritage watches. A skilled and delicate high-wire act jealously hidden from inquisitive eyes… in downtown Geneva! December 11, 2013


SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S

Funk 07.12.15

SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S