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Arespark Smart LED Alarm Clock

March 16, 2020

Unboxing the Arespark Smart LED Alarm Clock. A closeup look and test of the 3 AAA battery operated light sensing alarm clock with temperature and date ...

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NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock

To keep it quiet, you will need to have your very own Nerf gun in the first place to fire at it, where hitting the target squarely would send the back to snooze mode. It will be powered by a quartet of triple A ... August 16, 2012

Featured Review: Fitbit Surge

The screen is a monochrome LCD display with a backlight so you can see things even when it's dark, if need be, and it's touch so you can interact with it by swiping through screens and stats. It feels just like using an Android Wear As mentioned ... June 23, 2015

Using Images To Keep Your Class Focused

Lynell Burmark is the author of They Snooze, You Lose: The Educator's Guide to Successful Presentations, as well as an award-winning teacher and highly applauded presenter. Here No matter how fascinating the talking head, the clock is ticking ... June 24, 2015

An Early Warning Can Make All The Difference In An Emergency Situation: Be ...

An alert override automatically switches over to warn you of impending danger, and a continuous backlighting option keeps the LCD screen on. A number of additional features make the Midland WR120 Weather Alert Radio easy to use The radio also has ... June 5, 2015

Ethereal and Transparent Workspace Tools Let You Think Clearly

The ethereal and vibrant collection comprises four office objects including a pen and holder, a desktop organizer, an adhesive tape dispenser, and an alarm clock. The items appear fluid and weightless as they are made from PMMA, a clear plastic acrylic ... April 10, 2015

Withings Aura review

Aura comes complete with a nightstand companion that not only provides power but also acts as an alarm clock and sound machine to lull you to sleep. The product retails for $299 so it's not exactly an impulse buy. But after hitting the sack for over ... January 29, 2015

Rich Warren: Grace Mondo radio is the way to go

Plug it in and it suddenly differentiates itself from an ordinary radio when its 3.5-inch square colorful backlit LCD screen illuminates, displaying a dozen icons. The clock radio portion with five alarms and snooze alarm works like any good clock ... April 9, 2015


RioRand Large Big Number Jumbo LED Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Clock --red

Alarm Clock 09.12.15

RioRand Large Big Number Jumbo LED Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Clock --red