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What is the best westclox vintage kitchen wall clock?

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A Look at the Redesigned Cooper Hewitt

At Pocket Brainstorm, an interactive station in the newly renovated and expanded Cooper Hewitt museum, I have reached into my pocket and pulled out two objects: a thumb drive and a tube of lip balm. Can they somehow be made to work together?...

www.nytimes.com December 11, 2014

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Meet the area's top artisans and restorers

When it comes to repairing their family quilts, owners are willing to do whatever it takes, says Ann Wasserman, 62, an antique-quilt repairer who also ... a third-generation horologist who specializes in clock restoration. Though Shuster has done projects ...

www.chicagobusiness.com August 13, 2015

Vintage Modern

It’s been 25 years since he ?rst had the brightly colored tile installed in his kitchen ?oor ... Well, not exactly. And those vintage Howard Miller 1950s Ball Clocks that you keep seeing on Ebay? Harper created them. He is one of the many designers ...

www.metropolismag.com August 5, 2015

Cracked Brown Paint Vintage Kitchen Wall Clock-30 in.

Vintage Hotel Du Vieux Quartier Clock Vintage Clock with crackled and weathered clock face on wood laminate. The outer rim is constructed from antiqued nickel-plated cast brass. Includes an internal pendulum. Hotel Du Vieux Quartier style clock with white ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Vintage Alarm Clocks

Kathleen is a freelance editor who lives in Chicago. She loves eclectic rooms, traveling with her family, and feeding anyone who steps foot in her house. She theoretically hates clutter, but can’t stop buying books and craft supplies.

www.apartmenttherapy.com February 14, 2011

Allen Designs Red Vintage Kitchen Mixer Wall Clock with Cupcake Pendul

This vintage mixer wall clock is an excellent addition to the kitchen of any baker. It is shaped like a kitchen mixer with the clock face on the mixing bowl and a delicious looking cupcake pendulum, swinging to and fro beneath it, hypnotizing your tasebuds.

www.houzz.com January 1, 2011

Vintage Nixie Tubes That Tell Time

Called the Nixie Concrete Clock, its full-on retro with shiny orange Nixie tubes in a reinforced rough concrete body and can be wall mounted as well. Inspired by the vintage Z560M Nixie tubes, used in former East-Germany, this one’s got 6 different tubes ...

www.yankodesign.com September 9, 2009

The Kitchen Timer Retro Wall Clock

Here’s a kitchen gadget for those ... set the small timer at the bottom of the clock. To give you an idea on size, the dimensions of the clock are 8.5 x 12 x 2.5”. The clock comes in a total of 6 very retro colors, black, chartreuce, red, silver ...

www.coolest-gadgets.com July 29, 2009


Uttermost Vintage License Plates 29" Wall Clock Review

Monanql 01.06.15

Uttermost Vintage License Plates 29" Wall Clock Review


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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th...