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Personalized Clock Buddy - Promotional Clocks at 4imprint

March 11, 2020

A desk mate that keeps track of the time! This clock is designed to look just like a mini person with a round head and bendable rubber body. It includes a clip ...

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The Open 2015, day three - as it happened - Telegraph

1638. Just call it off, mate. It's done 1500. That loud thud you just heard was me mashing my face off my desk as news filters through that play will not begin until at least 5pm BST. . The 11 o'clock announcement is delayed by 2 minutes at the ... July 18, 2015

Hayley's a marvel in new comic book series -

Chief among these is the winning presence of Hayley Atwell (below) as its eponymous heroine, former wartime colleague of the presumed dead Captain America but now stuck in a spy agency desk job in the New York of 1946, where she's patronised by sexist ... July 18, 2015

Luxe Lodges in South America: Perfect for Multi-gen family Travel

Then, when a unique opportunity to track the elusive South American Puma came across my desk, I decided it was time to explore my luxe options. I found And while I still could have used a few hours of sleep after all that traveling, when the alarm ... July 15, 2015

Glastonbury festival 2015: Thursday as it happened

Sorry Rupert. On the plus side, he's bought himself this year's Glastonbury hat: Rupert's festival hats are something of an institution among the Telegraph arts desk,. and this being my first summer here, one I am excited to experience. . Towering ... June 25, 2015

Simply Clever: How to watch le Tour de France like a pro

they're talking about. Keep up the banter online, have a mate around to watch with (a 'buddy system' approach will help with the sleepy eyes), keep your #toursnacks intake steady and make sure you're eating something vaguely French. Reset your ... July 2, 2015

Fate of northern white rhino rests with one elderly male

In just a few decades, a large population of northern white males has been reduced to a single 3,500-pound bull living in a 10-acre enclosure with round-the-clock guards. There are There was once a plan to mate the last remaining northern whites ... June 17, 2015

The new office pests: how many are there in your workplace?

Look mate, it's hard enough to work in here with you craning your head towards my desk, vaguely pretending to be looking at some distant wall planner that is clearly not within the range of any human eye. So imagine how hard it is to skive. Basically ... May 27, 2015

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The Lighthouse

His perception was filled with the rotation of the light and the click of the pendulum of a grandfather clock, spinning and swinging ... The man moved back to his desk. "Roger." An indiscriminate roar of wind and water crackled in over the line. July 6, 2015

Sterling Butterfly 10"x8" Rectangular Table Clock With Wooden Display

Over 15,000 species of butterflies exist in the world and some will migrate long distances to find their mate. The butterfly wooden display clock by sterling is a tribute to this delicate creature in all its natural beauty. This is a meaningful clock that ... December 10, 2013

Satechi Desk Mat & Mate 24" x 14" Desk Pad & Protector Mouse Pad for desktops, G

The Satechi Desk Mat & Mate desk pad covers a wide area of your desk to protect your work surface from scratches, spills, and every day wear. Perfect for use as a reading and writing surface or as a mouse pad, the Desk Mat & Mate is easy to clean and is ... December 10, 2013

Satechi Desk Mat & Mate offers an alternative workspace

Well, Satechi intends to help out those who happen to ply their trade from the comfort of their own home with the Satechi Desk Mat & Mate. The Satechi Desk Mat & Mate is said to be the perfect workspace accessory for adults and children alike, where you ... July 27, 2013

Geek Holiday Gift Guide 2012

and toys guaranteed to delight whoever receives them in our Geek's Holiday Gift Guide 2012. From Google Play gift cards to a severed Wampa arm fashioned into an ice scraper mitt, we have suggestions for all levels of geek! To make things easier for you ... November 9, 2012

Why Romney's rallies are a waste of time

(CNN)-- If I named the conservatives who've done the most for freedom and the conservative cause in my lifetime, I'd include William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, and not necessarily in that order. I'm not sure Rush has ever ... September 26, 2012

Patek Philippe. A Fine and Unique Gilt Brass Solar-Powered Desk Clock with Cloisonné Enamel Swan Motif and Original Certificate of Origin.

People want something unique said Stern once in an interview referring to the enamel dials and clocks produced by his company ... Furthermore, swans are associated with fidelity in marriage as they mate for life. Likewise, irises are recognized as a ... June 12, 2012


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