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Panasonic RC-1280 - Better, Stronger, Faster

March 17, 2020

Discussion of the problems inherent of even talking about this horrible flip clock. The videos details what makes the noise in these clocks and discusses why it ...

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A learning experience for all at the Honda Center

Spokane turned the table and had one final shot of their own, but Nick Truesdell could not keep the ball inbounds in the end on the game's final play. LA came out victorious. LA needed a game like this. You have to keep playing until the fourth ... July 13, 2015

The French Side of Basque Country

Customers still come in and reminisce about the days when they'd buy sweets here after Mass.” Some things . Bidarray (population about 650) has a squat stone church with a polished gold clock under its two bells, wooden gates, and a well-tended ... June 6, 2015

Brumbaugh shines for Pennsylvania in rainy Big 33 game

Whether it's sometime in the next few months or 20 years from now, Brett Brumbaugh is going to reminisce about his final three visits to Hersheypark Stadium — and then crack a grin. Perhaps buoyed by South Fayette's victory against Dunmore in December ... June 21, 2015

'Mad Men' Activates Rage, Nostalgia And A Classic Draper Move

For her boldness, she has to leave $250,000 on the table, which is infuriating, but she really didn't have a choice. (Though I love that, as Tara Ariano said, Joan Men like Roger and Don have the time and the status that allows them to wallow in ... May 4, 2015

'But You Never Said...' Why Couples Remember Differently

birthday present to himself. The spouses sat at the kitchen table and discussed where it would go in the den. They may remember events better because they pay more attention to the relationship and reminisce more about it. People also remember ... March 25, 2015

Four Columbia House insiders explain the shady math behind “8 CDs for a penny”

They also reminisce about all the characters they worked with, including one man (featured in The Target Shoots First) whose windowless office featured stacks and stacks of paper printouts, piled haphazardly on every available surface. That's the entry ... June 10, 2015

As Kentucky closes in on unbeaten season, the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers would be ...

They arrange trips and dinners out. They reminisce about ribald moments and great games and lessons from Coach Bob Knight. Before Indiana ran the table, an unbeaten college basketball season seemed special, but not exactly historic. UCLA had gone ... March 31, 2015

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'The Office' actors clock out with fond memories

Did you take any souvenirs from the set? "There were two little furry, stuffed-animal kind of things. One was a monkey that was on Meredith's desk. And one was a duck that you press and it makes all of these quacks for an insanely long amount of time. May 14, 2013


Spy cam /Mirror Table Clock /Wireless portable covert Hidden Camera DVR w/ Remote Control Review

Delilavx5 12.20.14

Spy cam /Mirror Table Clock /Wireless portable covert Hidden Camera DVR w/ Remote Control Review Spy cam /Mirror Table Clock /Wireless portable covert Hidden Camera DVR w/ Remote Control 1280x940 HD 140 Degree LensWireless, Cordless, 12 hour recording time on one charge32gb micro SD card (not included) up to 21 hours recording timeRemote control/motion activation /1 year factory warranty