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Crosley 33013 Vintage Metal Twin Bell Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

Vintage metal case with silver finish conveys an antique feeling. Accuracy and battery convenience ensures a modern functionality. Beautiful and crisp alarm.

What is the best antique metal table clocks?

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Tour Vartan home near Brownsboro Road

Painted metal chairs flank a metal tray table. Paintings, an ornate mirror and an antique clock from Stockholm line the walls. An antique desk with a ladder-back chair is positioned between the windows, and an antique accent chair sits in a ... April 9, 2015

Quinn & Farmer Sale Led By a "Really Heavy Desk Thingy"

The high lot of the sale came with a rather interesting preamble. Ken Farmer told me that when he was assessing a group of consignments, the individual showing him the items stated that there was a “really heavy metal desk thingy” that they wanted to sell.... April 6, 2015

Delving into the past and presents

At Decades, David Stewart guides me around his unique finds while Chloe, a 12-year-old English mastiff, curls up behind a counter topped with antique figurines and a key-operated doll carousel from the 1880s. One grandfather clock's chime is so rich ... April 5, 2015

Thad Woods Auction still going strong after 40 years

An old 5-foot metal neon office sign, a wind-up tabletop Victrola, wooden toys, ornate table settings, 1920s movie posters, vintage clocks, snow shoes and duck decoys are some of the hundreds of items up for sale at a recent Thad Woods Auction in ... March 20, 2015

Homeowner furnishes his Lexington mid-century modern house in clean lines

Akey's formal living room downstairs has a turquoise Kroehler Naugahyde sectional couch from 1958; nearby is a towering 11½-foot ear sculpture found in a Bath County antique store that is more recent, but it goes with the décor. A Carl Thore burnished ... March 25, 2015

Ken Dixon: An eagle's glorious 7-story flight

Decades of wind, rain, snow and heat finally tired out the metal and its rubber gasket, so a fatal gust tore it up and over the round finial on the flagpole that flies Connecticut's colors above the Capitol's west entrance. And it took He was ... March 20, 2015

The 2015 Winter Antiques Show

Todd Prickett of C.L. Prickett, Yardley, Pennsylvania, sold a small four-drawer Philadelphia chest of drawers with a dark old surface and a Connecticut desk-and-bookcase before the first weekend was over. Windsor furniture sold, too. David Schorsch ... March 13, 2015


Historic Ravenswood Mansion Tour

(Gina @ VictorianWannaBe)

This stately residence was built by Nathaniel Leonard and was not completed at his death in 1876 so his son Captain Charles E. Leonard finished the mansion and he and his wife Nadine Nelson Leonard lived here. The farm of 2000 acres, much of which was purchased from the government, was established in 1825 and seven generations of Leonard's have lived here. Successive generations living in one place for over 100 years have accumulated a household of china, glass, paintings, and antique furnishings. Before you see this next picture of me, you need to know that I do not look that young anymore, these photos were taken in 2005, oh my. The young man standing next to me is the seventh generation Leonard to live here and he is our tour guide, his... Leonard of this mansion today. Note the music box on the stand in the hall, The box worked by placing a metal disc on a turntable, the box was wound up, the disc would go around and the music would play. Nadine loved this music box very much, over the years the music box has been heard playing, but the gears are frozen in place and it hasn't worked for a very long time, so word is that Nadine is haunting her beautiful mansion and this is one of... I looked it up on the net and it does look like they are doing some stuff.

The Mad Hatter and Lots of Lace


I didn’t know anyone was as addicted to Alice in Wonderland as i was. I grew up actually, thinking the book was Allyson’s Wonderland. because my name is Allyson (that is how sadly addicted I am. ) OF COURSE, now that I have children and nieces, we now celebrate madness and unbirthdays daily. What a wonderful unbirthday it would be to win one of your contests.



My husband, our two pups and I have the privilege of escaping the cold mid-Atlantic winter weather by heading to the Gulf Coast and visiting with my sister Jean and her husband Frank. The Whites live in the pretty town of Covington, Louisiana on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans. As though Covington needed more great restaurants and shops, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina left the town with new businesses opened by folks displaced by floods in New Orleans. Fortunately many of them still remain in business - and though going into New Orleans is a fun option, dining and shopping at the new businesses in the Covington area is also enjoyable. They spend most of their time in a lovely lodge style living room having their every need met with alacrity. Shortly after we arrived, Jean said (in her soft southern voice): "Do you think you guys could help us paint one living room [paneled] wall white. The porches provide shade and protection from hot weather sunshine, but shield the interior of the house from natural light, especially in the short cool days of winter. The first decision was: which interior walls to prime and paint and after that decision was made, what color white.

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Tour Vartan home near Brownsboro Road

Painted metal chairs flank a metal tray table. An antique drop-leaf table holds the television ... Paintings, an ornate mirror and an antique clock from Stockholm line the walls. "Moustier" upholstered walls create a sophisticated backdrop for her ... April 8, 2015

Collectors seek vintage technology

A recent auction featuring furniture, cigar cutters, stoneware crocks, Chippendale furniture and maps was also offering an antique stock ticker. The 11-inch-high machine had a metal label explaining ... Jewelry and desk accessories were made. April 1, 2015


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