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Quick Review: Philips AJ7260D/37 Dual Dock Triple Charging Clock Radio charges ...

If you travel frequently for work, you've probably seen one of a number of 30-pin alarm clocks that have almost become standard at business hotels. Certainly it is many steps up from the iHome-type 'alarm docks' out there. Annoyingly, you can ...

9to5mac.com February 9, 2014

iHome iBN10 Four Speaker Executive Music Station is now available on iHome.com

iDL46 Dual-Charging Clock Radio: to coordinate with the launch of the iPhone 6, iHome's #1 selling Lightning Dock is now available in limited edition gold for the holidays. The fully loaded yet compact clock radio can play and charge an iPad, iPhone or ...

www.prweb.com November 19, 2014

Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iOS 7.0

The new AirDrop feature is particularly restricted due to its requirements for dual-band Wi-Fi hardware, with support only on the iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPad mini, and fourth-generation iPad—an unfortunate omission for a technology that's explicitly designed ...

www.ilounge.com September 18, 2013

iHome iA100

iHome has a number of compact, rectangular-shaped iPod clock radio stereo systems in its product lineup. In fact, these types of tabletop systems are how the company initially made a name for itself, and as the company has expanded, so has the ...

www.cnet.com December 9, 2010

JBL On Air Wireless (black)

The Good The JBL On Air Wireless is a $350 Internet-connected FM radio alarm clock that features Apple AirPlay functionality. Its odd round speaker sounds great and can handle a wide variety of music. The Bad At $350, the JBL On Air Wireless is too ...

www.cnet.com September 21, 2011

iHome iW4 Dock Puts AirPlay on Your Bedside Table

iHome is bringing a handful of new clock docks to CES 2012, including the new iW4 complete with built-in Wi-fi and even an ethernet port, allowing you to wake up to your music streamed over AirPlay. The dock is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch ...

gizmodo.com January 5, 2012

iLuv iMM173 Dual Dock Alarm Clock for iPhone + iPod

iLuv has actually done a surprisingly great job with the look and feel of this system; the non-silver buttons are topped with transparent plastic for the illusion of added depth, like 1G/2G/5G iPods, and the clock face is extremely impressive, with 10 ...

www.ilounge.com October 4, 2008

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iHome’s Kineta K1 + Kineta K2 fuse awesome battery packs and chargers with slick Bluetooth speakers, get the exclusive deal

iHome has spent years building a reputation for thoughtfully designed, value-packed Apple audio accessories. Beyond its annual releases of ever-improving speaker systems, it was the very first company to release an iPod alarm clock, and a day-one supporter ...

9to5mac.com August 17, 2015

iHome iH22PV iPod Alarm Clock Helps You Wake Up

so next up we’ve got the iHome iH22PV alarm clock which sports an iPod docking station. In terms of features, it offers dual alarms for separate wake times and alarm sources, a line-in jack and a backup battery to ensure that your clock and alarm ...

www.ubergizmo.com December 3, 2010

iHome iP39SZC iPhone speaker dock and kitchen timer drops

If you often have a similar issue iHome has a cool ... The dock has an integrated alarm clock that can wake you to your iPod or FM radio. It charges and plays music from the device at the same time as well. You can set dual alarms that allow you to set ...

www.slashgear.com March 18, 2010

The iHome iPod Docks get a Barbie theme

Instead of coming out with tons of fancy new models to add to their iHome collection, iHome is just adding a new finish for their old players. This one to make their various iPod docks appeal ... is the Barbie iHome Dual Alarm Clock, set at $49.99.

www.coolest-gadgets.com October 25, 2009

Finding the best parking space for your iPod

The iHome name has gained a lot of ground in the last three years. You often see these functional alarm clock iPod docks in both luxury hotels and college dorms. They generally sound good and have useful wakeup features like dual alarm clock times and ...

blastmagazine.com April 18, 2009

iHome in my home

alarm was fine… maybe it's just me but that… what's what ... there's a 20% off thing in one of their mags. – by iHome Owner

www.geek.com November 28, 2005


iHome with Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod

ComputerTV 01.28.10

The iHome iP51GR 2.1 Micro System with Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod delivers full size sound in a compact system. The iHome iP51GR ultimate space-saving micro system can also be used as a clock radio to wake and sleep to your iPhone/iPod. Two satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer provides enhanced audio sound for you to enjoy through our respected Reson8 speaker chambers. The iHome iP51GR Alarm Clock Radio features include programmable snooze, 7-5-2 alarm, menu navigation,...